About Us

A women-run thrift & consignment store with a mission to make circular fashion a way of life.

We sift through thousands of pieces of clothing we collect from our resellers and donors across the world and create beautiful, meaningful collections that bring joy to lovers of thrift and vintage clothing. 

Our Story

It all started with a little home garage sale that turned into a quiet movement to promote a way of life that is less wasteful and more mindful of the impact we have on the planet.

We believe one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Clothing that’s collecting dust in our closets, remaining untouched for years together, can bring a whole lot of happiness for someone else. And so we set out to thrift stores, second hand markets, export surplus stores, and people who have clothes to give away, and curate singular pieces that add value to your closet.

From organising thrift pop-up experiences, collaborating with like-minded brands, creating fun, upcycled products to donating clothing to those in need, we are constantly thinking of new ways to create less waste and prevent clothing from reaching our mounting landfills.