In celebration of EARTH DAY (22nd April), Bombay Closet Cleanse introduces its clothes swap edition in Versova — a fun, sustainable and interactive way to clean out your closet and upgrade it in one fell swoop...or shall we say SWAP?!

We all have lovely pieces in our closets that we have outgrown (physically or emotionally!). Find these clothes a new home and swap them with curated options from Bombay Closet Cleanse. Meet like-minded sustainable shoppers and experience their stories through their closets.

We are also exchanging BOOKS and ACCESSORIES!

How to Participate:

  • Simply show up with your clothes (washed), books or accessories! (up to 30 items only)
  • The BCC team will do a quick quality check for your clothes and assign them a category & value.
  • You can then proceed to exchange them from a collection built from contributions by other swappers.
  • This collection will be dynamic and ever-changing. You never know what you may find!

    For eg. After quality check your items are valued at 1000/-, you can shop for this amount in-store anytime within 6 months 🙂


Pricing is done based on condition, brand, quality & style. We offer wholesale rates , below MRP (lesser than 1/10th your OG buying price). But rest assured, we're all about giving you a good deal and your items a new life! We’ll take care of your goodies and find them new homes. ♻️💖
So, gather your fashion gems, book your slot, and join us in the thrift revolution. Get ready for a fashion adventure like no other!
This is a SWAP only event, we are not offering upfront payment this weekend.

Terms and Conditions
All deals are final. Store credit cannot be converted into cash on a later date!

Slot fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
Staff decision is final! Please respect our time, energy and judgment.
Store credit cannot be clubbed with any in-store discounts or offers.
Any items with stains/defect will be rejected.