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Bombay Closet Cleanse

Babita Malkani Sunkissed Tie Dye Dress

Babita Malkani Sunkissed Tie Dye Dress

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Sourced from a high rise duplex in Versova, this designer gem comes from the ravishing Sara Arfeen Khan's closet. Tie-dyed in sunkissed shades, an easy silhouette and satiny soft to the touch.

PLEASE NOTE: All measurements below are garment measurements. Do pick your size accordingly.

Label Size: L
Shoulder:One shoulder
Armhole Depth:10"
Sleeve Length:20"
Brand:Babita malkani
Condition:Gently used. Good condition.

Disclaimer: Bombay Closet Cleanse is not affiliated with above brand. The product is a pre-loved piece that's just waiting to be adored! By choosing it, you're not just adding to your wardrobe – you're championing sustainability and reducing fashion waste. Brand name and/or photographs are respectively the Trademark and Copyright of original brand. Happy Thrifting!

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