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Bombay Closet Cleanse

Sell/Swap closet- Bandra

Sell/Swap closet- Bandra

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👚 Swap your old clothes or make some cash with Bombay Closet Cleanse — India's first thrift shop! Experience the ultimate thrift shop adventure where you can trade your old stuff for "new"old stuff or cold, hard moolah! 💰

Just follow three simple steps:

  • Book your slot.
  • Wash and pack your clothes.
  • Visit our store to swap or sell!

At Bombay Closet Cleanse, we offer you two awesome options in exchange for your clothes:


The most popular and exciting choice is to swap your clothes! We'll hook you up with store credit that you can use for 6 months at our stores or on our website. It's a shopping spree with a thrifty twist! 🛍️💃P.S: Your swap credit points are 2x the cash value and usually a better deal ;)


You also have the option to CASH OUT your closet for 1/2x the swap credit offered! The money will hit your account via UPI or bank transfer within 48 hours!

What To Expect:

The buying value of used clothing isn't sky-high, even if it's unused or still sporting a tag. That's just the thrifty reality! So make sure to your read all instructions below carefully!

What Do We Take?

We are currently accepting BRANDED western clothing only! You can also sweeten the deal by tossing in accessories and books :)

How Does Swap Pricing Work?
The final amount will be decided based on relevance, condition and brand of the clothing.
The  prices we offer for preloved clothing is a small fraction of the mrp/current value.
Please Note: 1/10th of the current price is the highest we can go in most cases!

For example, if you bought a top from a brand's new collection for 1800/- and a similar item is currently on sale online for 700/-, its current value is 700/-. You will receive 70 swap points or less for it, depending on the condition and style relevance.

Why 1/10th?

With fast fashion producing billions of clothes every year, there is an oversupply of pre-loved clothing, and demand is less, leading to poor resale value for used clothing. Sorry 🙁

Is the 1/10th rule final?
Yes. In the spirit of keeping everything standardised, we do not encourage bargaining! However, if you bring us super-trendy, rare, and valuable clothing, we are happy to talk shop.

Here are a few important instructions:

🧺 Your clothes must be freshly washed and smelling nice

🚫 No musty, smelly, stained or dirty clothes
📦 The maximum limit is 50 pieces per slot and minimum limit is 10 items. If you've got more treasures, go ahead and book 2 slots—double the fun! 🎉

🛍️ Please pack your clothes in bags you don't need back. Please don’t bring suitcases! 

📚Feel free to throw in some used books/usable paper bags to sweeten the deal. We can never have enough of either!

​​⏰ Be fashionably on time. Late arrivals will miss out on all the thrifty goodness. We will have to cancel the slot as there are others waiting in the queue :(

❌ No refunds if you snooze and lose your slot. Gotta rebook if you need a do-over 🙁

💡 Explore our website and Insta to see what’s trendy!. We may not be able to offer much for clothes that aren’t relevant.

Slot booking does not guarantee you a deal. If we find the clothing unacceptable, we reserve the right to not take them in for a swap or sale. In case we don’t accept your clothes, you get your 99/- booking fee back as store credit only. Cash refunds are not possible! 

Oh, and a little secret: We're on the lookout for curvy-sized clothing, trendy crop tops, oversized tees, cargos, varsity jackets, and some dapper men's fashion. Bring 'em our way, and we'll make you an offer you can’t refuse! 😎

Selection Criteria:

✅ We are accepting only branded western wear 

❌ Faulty zippers, tears, stains, or pilling? Sorry, we'll have to pass. You can still choose to donate these to us 🙂
🚫 Unbranded clothing - we will not accept anything without a label

👠 Sorry, no shoes for now.

👗 Casual kurtis from brands like FabIndia, Biba, or Global Desi? Bring 'em on but please expect extremely low rates!

🚫 Ethnic wear, heavy gowns, and used lingerie (for obvious reasons) aren't our current jam
🚫 Underwear, swimwear, and intimates for hygiene purposes


Let's be real. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. It's simply a convenient way for you to declutter your wardrobe. While you'll be compensated, our prices are way, way below MRP (lesser than 1/10th your OG buying price) —more like wholesale deals. But rest assured, we're all about giving new life to pre-loved fashion! We’ll take care of your goodies and find them new homes. ♻️💖

So, gather your fashion gems, book your slot, and join us in the thrift revolution. Get ready for a fashion adventure like no other!

We can't wait to see what treasures you bring us. Let's make thrifty magic happen together! ✨🌟

Terms and Conditions
All deals are final. Store credit cannot be converted into cash on a later date!

Slot fee is not refundable under any circumstances

Staff decision is final! We do this for a living - please respect our time, energy and judgement 🙂Store credit cannot be clubbed with any in-store discounts or offers.